What qualifications do your directors have?

Our Camp Director, Eric Dickinson has 16 years of experience working at summer camps, 10 of which he was a CIT Director responsible for planning and organizing that camp’s teen trips. He has also worked in the school system as a TA before deciding to make his dream of running a camp a reality.Our Assistant Director, Jimmy Cavanagh, is a Certified Teacher who teaches in NJ throughout the school year. Jimmy started working at a summer camp at the age of 16 and was hooked from the start. He ended up working for a total of 8 summers, two of which as a Director before joining our team.Our Office Manager, Megan Murray grew up attending two different summer camps, Park Shore Country Day Camp and Thomas School of Horsemanship Summer Day Camp. She loved the camp experience so much she stayed at Thomas School for ten years after she graduated from their CIT program, working through the ranks to eventually become a Director. There she was responsible for overseeing 10-15 staff members, 50-80 horses, and organizing a large scale riding lesson program. Her attention to detail and organization skills make her an asset to our team!All of our Directors are CPR and First Aid Certified.

How do you screen your staff?

Staff must apply through our website, be interviewed in person by a Director or Administrator, have all references checked (including phone calls to former employers, teachers, coaches, etc.), pass a criminal background check, and participate in a rigorous training program including CPR and First Aid training.

How does the camp day run?

Campers will be picked up from designated locations each morning by our bus at a time determined closer to camp (approx. two-three weeks out). Monday through Wednesday typically we go on day trips to locations like Action Park and Brownstone Adventure Park while Thursday we leave for an overnight trip (returning Friday night) to locations such as Hershey Park or Club Getaway (see Calendar for specific trips). Return time will be around 5-5:30 pm, with some trips varying based on location, etc.

What if my camper needs to take daily medications?

We have a medication service that delivers your child’s medications to us directly complete with instructions from your child’s doctor. The Camp Nurse/EMT will be on hand to make sure your camper receives their medication at the time specified each day. Campers are not permitted to carry any medication on them at any time.

What do you do on the bus?

Since we are a travel program, the bus is basically our camp base. We have plenty of fun activities up our sleeves to help campers get to know each other and bond with other campers and staff while helping them get pumped for the exciting trip ahead! We also understand that campers may be tired on the way home and bring movies with us (G, PG, and PG-13 rated), to play should campers want quiet time.

What if my camper can't participate in camp and needs to cancel?

At the time of enrollment, you may opt into purchasing a Camp Insurance policy that will cover you in the event that you need to cancel mid-season. We do recommend this for any campers that participate in sports or other activities outside of camp. Unfortunately, we can not offer refunds to families that do not have Camp Insurance and cancel mid-season.

What is your staff to camper ratio?

We maintain a 1:8 ratio for all trips.

How will I know if my camper needs to bring anything special for certain trips?

We send home a packing list for each trip, which will indicate any required vs. recommended items (for example, bathing suits are required for water trips, water shoes are recommended but not required).

Will I get to meet my camper's counselor prior to the start of camp? Will my camper get to meet other campers before the first day?

Yes! We have a camper orientation the week before camp starts so that campers can meet and start getting to know other campers in their group as well as their counselor. On this day, campers are also required to be swim tested by our lifeguard to determine swim level. This must be completed before the camper can participate in camp activities.

How can I pay for my camper's tuition? Does it have to all be at once?

Payments can be made in cash, credit or check. We offer flexible payment plans-you can choose how many months you wish to pay your balance off over.

What should my camper wear to camp each day?

Campers should wear their camp t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers each day. For any water trips, bathing suits should be brought in addition, not in place of their regular camp attire-campers will change into their bathing attire upon arrival to the facility. Open toed shoes are not permitted at camp. Campers are more than welcome to wear or bring hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.

Are meals included?

An answer will be posted soon…

Are there any discounts or specials available?

Yes! We offer a Pay In Full Discount of $200 for families who pay their full tuition at the time of sign up for either of our 3 week session, $400 for families who pay in full for their 6 week session. We also have Sibling Discounts of $100 per child for 3 weeks, $200 per child for 6 weeks.

How do I order/receive my camp t-shirts?

There is a section on the camp application where you can indicate your camper’s size for their 2 free t-shirts. In that section you can also add on any additional shirts you wish to purchase. We will hand t-shirt orders out at Camper Orientation.

What other ways can I stay connected to On The Go Teen Travel?

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! We will post updates and photos from our trips on our social media accounts as well as on our website!

What do you do all year?

We love to keep the fun going all year! In addition to summer camp, we plan trips throughout the school year! Some examples include ski trips, horseback riding trips, camping trips, etc!

What happens if it rains?

An answer will be posted soon…

Is there First Aid available in the event that my camper becomes sick or injured?

Yes, in addition to all of our staff being Red Cross CPR & First Aid Certified, we also have a Camp Nurse/EMT on our staff traveling on all trips.

What type of life experiences can your camp provide for my teenager?

We believe that our unique program balances all the great properties of a day camp and a sleep-away camp. Our mix of day trips and overnight trips provides campers with the feeling of being independent, while keeping the comforts of home close by. Our trips are hand selected by our Directors because they provide campers with an enriching experience while maintaining a fun, exciting, sometimes thrilling atmosphere. We believe that all of these experiences lead to a boost in confidence, teamwork & collaboration skills, communication skills and creativity, all of which are important skills that campers will carry with them throughout their lives!

Can my camper request to be in a group with a friend?

Yes, campers can absolutely request to be with a friend!

When should I enroll?

As soon as possible! We have limited spaces available and all campers will be enrolled first come, first served.

If I sign up for the first 3 weeks and my camper loves it, can I sign over for the last 3 weeks?

Yes absolutely. However, please keep in mind that spaces are limited and are first come, first served.

Do I get a make-up day if my child is absent?

Unfortunately we can not give make-up days for absences.

Can my camper pack snacks?

Yes, campers can bring a bag to leave with them on the bus containing any snacks, extra clothes such as sweatshirts, etc.

How can I communicate with the staff/my camper's counselor?

You can call our Office Manager, Megan, and leave a message with her. She will forward your message to the appropriate staff member and have them return your call.

Is there aftercare?

An answer will be posted soon…

Do you have any 'Parents Days' where parents can see what their camper has been doing at camp?

Yes! We have a Parents’ Party where Parents can get together with Staff and other Parents for a lovely evening of dinner, music, and pictures from the camp season!

Do you have a tipping policy?

An answer will be posted soon…

Why is there a week long break in the middle of the season?

We understand that campers may want to participate in other activities such as sports camps over the summer, and that families take vacations and we try to accommodate that with having a break mid-season. We also believe that campers and staff need an opportunity to recharge after the first three weeks of excitement and fun and prepare for the second session!

What is the camper cell phone policy?

An answer will be posted soon…

What if my camper doesn't know anyone?

We strive to make every camper (and parent) feel comfortable here at camp. We require all families to attend our Camper Orientation prior to the start of camp so that campers can get acquainted with other campers and staff to make their first day at camp stress-free. We encourage friendships not just within the camper’s group, but camp-wide.

Are there any additional or hidden fees?

There are never any hidden fees-your camper’s tuition is all inclusive. There are additional fees for add ons such as extra t-shirts, camp insurance, medication delivery.