A-Z Of Travel Camp
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From A to Z, travel camp is a blast!

Here are a few key terms to help explain what the experience with us is like!

A-Amusement Park: great source of entertainment for staff and campers, whether it’s a water park, roller coaster park, or combination of both! There is usually something for everyone!

B-Bus: roving campground where plenty of games are played and stories of the day are told, movies are watched, friendships are formed, and songs are sung.

C-Camping: Tents, sleeping under the stars, campfires, s’mores! Camping is the perfect bonding experience for campers and staff. The whole camp helps each other set up tents, and then hangs out around the campfire!

D-Dude Ranch: Plenty of horseback riding and other activities which can include: swimming, field games, campfires, nature walks, and indoor activities as well!

E-EMT: Our camp nurSummer Camp Go Cart Tripse! Equipped with all the campers’ medical needs, allergies, and medications, our camp EMT is prepared to handle any situation that may arise.

F-Friendship: After participating in a month or two of activities, events, overnights, etc. campers and staff form life-long friendships.

G-Go-Karting: Zipping around an indoor track, racing your friends and counselors for the glory!IMG_0498

H-Hershey Park: Campers get to spend two days exploring Hershey Park and Chocolate World! Roller coasters, chocolate, and a fun overnight with your camp friends, how does it get any better than that?

I-Instructor(s): Specialty staff at certain locations that we visit that are highly trained in their area, and teach us a new skill! Some examples include, but are not limited to: ziplining, rock climbing, trapeze, horseback riding, and swimming!

J-Journey: Not only to we journey to new locations each week, but our campers and staff undergo personal journeys. They participate in new activities, overcome fears and anxieties, build life skills, and learn new skills all while having a blast.


K-Kayaking: Paddling down a river or around a lake with a buddy while taking in the most beautiful scenery.

L-Lake: A body of water in/on which tons of fun summer activities take place! Some examples include: water trampolines, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, blobs, etc!

M-Mountain: During the summer, some mountains provide adventure activities like ropes courses and rock climbing; during the winter we love to plan snowboarding and ski trips

N-Nature: We love balancing out our calendar with some time spent around beautiful, natural scenery. Our kayaking, camping/whitewater rafting, ziplining, and dude ranch trips are just some examples of these.

O-Orientation: Our unofficial First Day of Camp! Parents and campers get to meet the staff and ask any questions they may have about their upcoming session. Campers will receive their t-shirts that day, and parents will be required to fill our any waivers for specific trips by this time. Campers will also be swim tested this day, and should plan to bring a swim suit, towel, and change of clothes.

P-Packing List: A list of some required items and some suggested items sent home to camp families for certain trips. For example: a towel, bathing suit, and change of dry clothes are REQUIRED for water trips, but water shoes are only suggested.

Q-Quiet Time: On overnight trips, we begin quiet time at 10:30. Official lights out is an hour later, at 11:30. A staff adventure park of long islandmember is on duty overnight on all trips in the event of an emergency or if a camper needs anything.

R-Ropes Course: Participating in ropes activities builds confidence and teamwork. There may be some elements that are considered “low elements” that would be connected to, or only a few feet above, the ground, or “high elements” that are in trees and require a belay for safety. We find that all campers, even those with a fear of heights, have great success on ropes courses

S-S’mores: Gooey deliciousness made of chocolate and roasted marshmallow sandwiched between two crunchy graham crackers

T-Trips and Travel: Of course these are what travel camp is all about! Traveling on a bus with your friends and counselors to all sorts of fun trip destinations!

U-Unique: There are so many unique pieces of travel camp. Of course each day is unique with all the different trips, but we also recognize that each camper is unique and may require a unique approach, and we strive to create the perfect camp experience for each camper and parent!

V-Variety: Every day is a new experience with a new adventure just around the corner!action park

W-Water Park: The perfect way to stay cool in the summer while having tons of fun with your friends. Slides, rope swings, and lazy river rides are just some of the adventures that await. Just like other amusement parks, there are rides for all levels-whether you like slow moving, relaxing rides, or daring thrill rides!

X-Xtreme Outdoor Laser Tag: A fun twist on an old favorite! Instead of playing inside in the dark, campers get to play laser tag outside! Set in a field, there are plenty of obstacles for players to hide behind and sneak up on the opposing team!

Y-Year-Round Trips: We believe in maintaining the bond between our campers and staff all year, as well as forming bonds with new campers! We plan exciting trips like: snowboarding/skiing, theme parks, camping, trail riding, etc. check our calendar for updates!

Zip LineZ-Ziplining: A thrilling outdoor activity where a rider wears a harness that is securely connected, via carabiner and pulley system, to a cable suspended high above the ground. The rider glides along the cable for a uniquely exhilarating experience